homes of the people, for the people and now by the people!


1 %
Construction finance interest rate

Funded by Buyers from Day 1. So no finance interest.

1 %
Marketing expenses

100% Booked on Day 1. Thus no acquisition cost.

1 %
agent brokerage

Direct booking and thus no middleman losses.

1 %
cheaper homes

On account of this savings and a nominal profit margin, expect a 65 lakhs 2BHK now at 52 lakhs only.


What if i cancel my booking?

People opting to cancel to receive full refund, except for taxes, immediately after the respective unit is sold again to the next allottee in queue. A decent queue is bound to form.

where shall the project be?

Proposed plot location: Ravet, a fully developed suburb with all infra ready as on date


shall the project be under rera?

All the allottee shall be registered under RERA. All the rules and laws to be strictly followed, setting forth a firm base. 

what about shops in the project?

Free hand for developer to sell commercial space to make decent profits out of this model. 

can we suggest changes?

Project to be open for constructive discussions of all the allottee, using voting systems, for 30 days after our final design. 

how big the scheme shall be?

Inviting 50 Home-Seekers to build your own homes. 

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