And the jaw-dropping feature itself gets dropped: Your iWatch and you, both need to wait for that phoneless ring

Those who were following the iWatch launch event, were left with their jaws wide open as the guy on surf board on screen received call. They knew something, something obvious was their way and it was built-in cellular support for the iWatch. A watch that can now make and receive calls without carrying your phone!

But there’s a twist to it. As per latest reports from a leading tech blogger, iWatch series 3, shall not have cellular feature in it’s India model. It cites unavailability of the “esim” or “sim supporting same cellular number to work in watch” as the reason for the limitations.

While this comes as a disappointment to many, we can still hope for the telecom companies to roll out support for the same. After all, India, a country of youth cannot really resist this feature. IWatch shall have a starting price of Rs. 30,000.

You can read more from THE LAUNCH EVENT here.

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Source: Gadgets 360 | An NDTV venture

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