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‘Yaar ye kab khulega waala Dial-up connection’ to ‘Click toh karne deta waala 4G networks’ (Sluggish dial-up connections to lighting fast 4G networks), we have witnessed them both and the journey in-between

Many of us these days do not marvel at new technologies for we have accepted that science is capable of ANY, ANYthing. A fact accepted as obvious as that of Siddharth Malhotra delivering another expressionless movie even 100 years from now. (We love you Siddharth, no offence)

However, there are these 5 gadgets, which did marvel us when we heard their concepts, but most of us never knew if they existed in real, or very few of us had hands on these must-try gadgets. Check out below. (You may tap the images to purchase them online from Amazon)

1 Laser Projection Virtual keyboard

Laser projector keyboard technology blogs gowww dipesh bafna
Laser Projector Keyboard

Yes! We’ve seen them all in Hollywood movies making some silly tapping gestures on glass surface only to end typing on a giant screen. The concept is very much in practice, and we do have laser projection keyboards for as low as two thousand, online.

They are anti-back-light and their performance stay unhampered even in day time. This should be a good buy for ones who’d prefer to go trendy at their workplaces; ones with space crunch on their workstation; ones who find themselves tapping their fingers on the work desk unnecessarily a lot and wish to utilize the efforts in a way or other; or simply, for tech-maniacs!

2. Portable multi-color mini-fan

Mini USB fans gowww dipesh bafna technology blog
Mini USB Portable Fans

Who doesn’t love someone blowing breeze onto our face after a tiring journey or a hectic work-out!

Do not be mistaken by it’s tiny size, for it shall surely blow your mind and wind, sufficient for you and one of your companion. This mini USB portable fan, another cool gadget to carry in your haver-sack, is a must have when travelling to remote areas, trek or simply outdoor sitting while reading your favourite book.

Caution: The breeze blown by your special ones remain irreplaceable and this mini USB fan, though serves one well, is no good replacement for that!

3. Office Combo Tool Kit

One in all Office toolgowww dipesh bafna technology blog

office combo gowww dipesh bafna technology blog
Office Combo – 10 in 1

“I do!”. If there’s one place other than Church where people love saying this, is when asked if someone has a scissor, paper pin and things of similar but utmost urgency. Usually demands for many of these, if not all, come with little to no prior notice.

At such, here’s another must have “Office Combo Tool”, that can make you very well eligible for the two magical words of Catholic marriage, 10 good times!

There’s a stapler, scissors, carton opener, staple pin remover, 9-meter retractable measuring tape, pencil sharpener, paper punch, key ring, storage basket for paper clips  and a tiny waste bin.

4. QWERTY Wireless Touchpad Keyboard with Mouse

portable qwerty keyboard with mouse gowww dipesh bafna technology blog
Portable QWRETY keyboard with mouse

If smartphones today have got all the smartness, there’s one thing that our feature phones had, something that built our passion for texting. The physical keypad! The second reason that drove our craziness for fast and faster texting was the ease of QWERTY physical keys. Each time a key was struck, one letter was delivered at the other end, with one pulse of happiness being delivered at our end. In gaining maximum screen space, that surely remains a loss and physical keys on laptop remain preferred option for drafting long documents.

Thanks to this gadget now, making the loss no more an irreparable one! Coming at price of as low as one thousand rupees, this is a sure buy, if taking notes, making documents, drafting letters and sending long mails happen all in your palm and is no more a PC job.

P.S.: The first reason that drove our craziness being the person at the other end!

5. Google Cardboard – The affordable VR gear

google cardboard gowww dipesh bafna technology blog
Economy Google Cardboard

Virtual reality, still unknown to many, is technology making things/ objects/ videos appear in front of you, without them being physically present.

Virtual reality gears, or VR gears with advanced features cost in thousands. To make the VR an object of common utility, Google came out with cardboard VR gears, later to be known as Google cardboards at cost as low as two hundred and ten rupees. Each of the video that you play on YouTube have an option of playing them in VR mode, promising you of NOT a theatre alike experience, but a better one. Apps on play stores turn your gallery contents as well in VR supported format and the whole exercise is a must-try experience.

Yes, and it comes for mere starting rupees 210/- only.

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